Macworld: it begins

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 12:54 PM

Thousands of people (a.k.a. "the Mac faithful") crowded Moscone Center this morning after waiting in looong lines to watch Steve Jobs start Macworld 2008 with his keynote. Was there something in the air? Oh yes. Among other things, Steve announced:

- MacBook Air, an incredibly thin laptop with a multi-touch trackpad and full-size keyboard and display
- movie rentals at the iTunes Store, which you can watch on the updated Apple TV "Take 2"
- new iPhone software including Google Maps My Location feature, customizable home screen, and more
- new applications for iPod Touch: Google Maps, Mail, Stocks, Weather, and Notes

And now everybody is rushing to Apple's booth on the show floor to see the new goodies (or to the online Apple Store to buy or download them). And speaking of booths, if you're at Macworld, don't forget to visit our booth and say hello.