Developing for MacFUSE

Friday, February 01, 2008 at 9:49 AM

As we recently announced, MacFUSE Core now includes a framework that makes it easy to develop file systems written in Objective-C. I've posted a tutorial that walks you through creating a simple but fun file system using MacFUSE.framework. The file system exports the 11 top-rated YouTube videos with thumbnails and all; you can double-click on them to open up the video in your web browser. This is the same example that I worked through in detail during a recent talk I gave at CocoaHeads. In addition to the talk, there were mind-bending demos of file systems written in Objective-C, such as RunTimeFS and AccessiblityFS. I really enjoyed the CocoaHeads meeting and encourage my fellow Mac developers to attend their local gatherings.

If you have feedback on the tutorial, MacFUSE.framework, or just want to let us know about a cool file system you're working on, feel free to post to the Google Group for MacFUSE.