Your data, on the web and at your fingertips

Thursday, October 23, 2008 at 5:03 PM

More of Google's web services are allowing you to manage your personal information. Since the freedom to access and control your data is one of our core principles, Google Data APIs are keeping up with the personalization trend. Google Book Search, for example, lets you keep track of your own library of favorite books. The Book Search Data API helps developers create applications that give you access to your library, including the books you've reviewed online. Similarly, there is now an API for Google Finance, so developers can create software that lets you keep tabs on the portfolio you've set up with Google Finance. Or if you prefer, you can make up a portfolio of the investments that you wish you had, and follow that instead of your actual savings.

The Book Search and Finance Data APIs are part of the new version 1.5 release of the the Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library. Along with support for the new services, software developers will find this release of the library offers better compatibility and parsing performance for iPhone applications, and 64-bit compatibility for Mac desktop applications. I hope that this release encourages even more developers to take advantage of Google's services as a part of their applications.

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