Google goes to MacExpo UK

Monday, October 23, 2006 at 9:09 PM

Posted by: Tim Partridge, Associate Product Marketing Manager, UK

As a Mac fanatic for over fourteen years, I was thrilled to find my first job here at Google UK would be working on Google’s presence at this year’s London MacExpo UK.

People here recognise the passion that Mac users have for their computers, and we really want to show you all the great things you can do when you use Google products in your projects. As Jason Chuck, one of our European product marketing managers said, "Google and Apple users could really have a fruitful relationship." (He wanted to put that on a t-shirt, but we wouldn’t let him.)

And so this Thursday, we’re taking Google for Macs on the road to the Olympia Exhibition Centre, bad puns and all. We’ll be there for all three days, MacBooks in hand, to show you how to get the most from Google on your Mac. As well as being there to answer any questions you might have, we’ll be running five free workshops each day.

Each morning our Google Video session will highlight uploading videos and placing them within your site. Learn how to share your work with millions this way, and how to enliven your site with embedded videos. Following this, find out how to embed Google Maps into your own web pages, providing a useful way of displaying local information. We'll highlight some innovative examples of Google Maps mashups already online, and show how they were created.

From exotic locales to local restaurants and schools, Google Earth puts a planet's worth of imagery and other geographical information right on your desktop. In the afternoon we'll show how you can use Google Earth to display your own content using overlays. We will also showcase SketchUp, our award-winning 3D design software, demonstrating its simple yet robust toolset and how it too can be integrated with Google Earth.

If that's not good enough, there might even be a give-away or two. The exhibition kicks off on Thursday 26th October at 10am, and runs until Saturday 28th October. Tickets are available on the door, or by visiting the MacExpo website.