Google Desktop update for Leopard

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 11:31 AM

This Friday is a big day in the Mac world: Apple is releasing Leopard, its new operating system. And that means we've been working hard to ensure that all Google products for the Mac work seamlessly with Leopard as well as Tiger. So we want to let you know about an update for Google Desktop for the Mac that adds Leopard compatibility. You should install this Desktop update before upgrading from Tiger to Leopard to ensure that Desktop works properly on Leopard. If after you upgrade to Leopard, your Google Desktop appears to be functioning incorrectly, please look at the release notes for troubleshooting information.

To install the Google Desktop update, please visit the Desktop for the Mac home page.

All our other products for the Mac (Google Notifier, Picasa Web Albums Uploader, SketchUp, and Earth) will smoothly transition from Tiger to Leopard. We've also made sure that our Dashboard widgets for Gmail and Blogger are compatible with Leopard, too.