New Google Toolbox for Mac

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at 1:49 PM

We on the Mac team love code. Nothing helps as much as some working sample code when you're trying to get something done -- well, maybe with the exception of some working code that you can use within your own projects. To that end, we're happy to release Google Toolbox for Mac as a new open source project. This joins the Google Data APIs Objective-C Library as code available under the Apache license so you can use it in your own projects.

This first release is a little eclectic. It starts with some simple utilities that we seem to need in just about every project, helpers for graphical things and for building unittests. In time, we'll add more utilities, more interesting and complex classes, and other interesting stuff.

So please join the discussions for comments, suggestions, and other things you'd like to see. And happy coding!