Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 1:47 PM

Back in the days of Mac OS X Tiger (10.4), you could drag your Applications folder to the Dock and get a nice menu of your applications there. If you had any folders in the applications folder, you'd get hierarchical submenus in the Dock's Applications menu.

Apple turned this feature off in Leopard (10.5), replacing it with a simpler, less capable version. It came back partially in 10.5.2, when Apple added a list view for the Applications menu and other folders you add to the Dock.

My application AppMenuBoy restores the Tiger behavior plus a little more: it shows only applications, follows aliases, and if a folder contains only an application, it silently "hoists" that application in the menu so you don't have hierarchical menus that contain only a single icon.

The AppMenuBoy application is now featured on the Google Mac Developer Playground.