Share your home movies with Picasa Web Albums

Friday, October 10, 2008 at 8:08 AM

Many digital cameras record video clips as well as capture still photos, and sharing the videos is just as much fun as is showing off the photos. The new release of the Picasa Web Albums Uploaders, version 1.2, makes it easy to share both. Your friends and family can watch your movie clips and browse your photos in the same album on the web.

As with earlier versions, the uploader is available both as a stand-alone application and as an export plug-in for iPhoto. You'll need Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 to use them. Uploading videos from within iPhoto requires iPhoto '08, as earlier versions of iPhoto cannot export movies. If you have iPhoto 6 or earlier, just use the uploader application to share your videos.

The new release also preserves geotags in photos, so if your camera adds the latitude and longitude to your pictures, those will show up with your photos on a map inside Picasa Web Albums.

If you have an earlier version of the Picasa Web Albums Uploaders, they may have updated themselves already. If not, visit the download page to get the latest version. You can give us feedback about the uploaders at the Picasa Help discussion group.

Objective-C developers can now also share videos from their Mac and iPhone applications using Picasa Web Albums' API and our Objective-C library. Ask your favorite developers to make photo and video sharing easy from their applications.