Vocito (Voe-kee-toe)*

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 3:44 PM

For those of you who are lucky enough to be be part of the GrandCentral Beta Program, there's a new toy on the Google Mac Playground. Vocito* is a quick dialer that lets you dial your phone directly from your desktop.

Vocito is also integrated into Address Book, QuickSilver, and Automator, and is fully AppleScriptable.

The AppleScript connection makes it easy to have Vocito automatically dial your phone from just about any application that supports scripting or Automator actions. For example, you can easily set up your iCal meeting appointment to automatically dial the conference call for you at the correct time.

Since GrandCentral is currently in a limited beta, we don't have any more invites to hand out right now. So those of you without a GrandCentral number don't get to play just yet, so please reserve your number now to get in on the action as soon as more invites become available.

Vocito is available here for download. It works on Tiger and Leopard, is both PowerPC and Intel native, and is fully open sourced. There is a discussion group at vocito-discuss on Google Groups.

* Vocito is "call" in Latin. According to most scholars, Latin speakers used a hard 'c' (sounds like an English 'k') as opposed to the soft 'c' (sounds like an English 'ch') used by Italians and the Catholic Church. We decided to go with the hard 'c' to give us some street cred with all the Latin scholars out there. If it was good enough for Julie, it's good enough for us.