New Version of MacFUSE: Now with MacFUSE.framework

Monday, January 07, 2008 at 4:56 PM

A new version of MacFUSE is now available. As always, you can download a ready-to-install prebuilt package, or browse the ready-to-build source. Besides bug fixes and other minor improvements, there is a major new developer feature in this release: an Objective-C framework is now part of the core MacFUSE distribution! MacFUSE.framework will make developing user-space file systems in Objective-C easier than ever before. We look forward to seeing lots of interesting new applications based on MacFUSE.

Ted Bonkenburg, one of the engineers behind MacFUSE.framework, will give a talk this Thursday, January 10, during the next Silicon Valley Cocoaheads meeting at the Apple campus in Cupertino. His talk will focus on using the MacFUSE Objective-C API, but much of it will carry over to using other programming languages with MacFUSE. We'll also show some very cool file system demos. So, if you're interested in MacFUSE and are in the area, be there! It will be a hands-on talk, so please bring your laptops if you want to follow along. (Xcode 2.5 or newer required.)